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Month: May 2010

The end of Catholicism

Dear Justin, Our shared Catholic blood and bones make your recent thinking about your upbringing very similar in type and depth to something I’d been thinking about for a long time. At what point, exactly, did I end my relationship with the Catholic church. That is, when did I stop…

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Abuse not needed

Dear Steve, I know about parents. The reason is that I’ve had such a rugged time with mine. Not just them, but also the siblings mired so deeply in the family diseases. God bless them. I’m glad I don’t have to walk in those shoes. As I look back now,…

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Living in stone

Genevieve, Sorry I didn’t get with you earlier. I had to have my foot worked on yesterday, and my eyes are still twirling around in my head. Recovering from surgery is never as easy as they say. It’s certainly much harder than I thought. Those painkillers are enticing. Like morphine—sleepy…

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