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Month: December 2009

Setting them to sea

Academics have a strange way of alienating people around them. While held in some esteem and with an almost mythic status in the community, they tend to be one thing to the public and quite another to each other. The object, of course, is to filter out the riff-raff of…

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I’m going to lay blame for my malaise squarely where it belongs. Granted, I have issues, lots of issues. But the malaise is a way for me to accept my own laziness, and the scorn I put on myself for it. It’s not physical laziness but intellectual laziness. Who, after…

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An American Socialist

Americans love battling imaginary foes so much that real enemies take on imaginary traits—marauding Indian savages we saw more fit to name streets after than to respect as human, imperial Spanish that somehow threatened us from a Caribbean island, the Hun, the Jap, the Red Menace, and, now, the terrorist…

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