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When irrelevance comes to town

The drive took me into a world I hadn’t witnessed in almost a year and a half. I poked around the neighborhood, took a tour of downtown, and visited the scenes of memories I hadn’t thought about in years. The whole, wonder at a world in transformation pervaded my furiously working mind.

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A work in progress until termination

Sydney says that this picture of us together is her favorite. And, boy, I think it’s pretty good (of her, in particular). This is from several years ago. I don’t remember the circumstance or what we were celebrating, if anything at all. But it’s just like Syd to step aside and say, “Let’s take a picture.” I have a feeling this was one of those moments.

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McCormac, Darwin, and cerebrospinal fluid

Since taking a job walking for a living, I have come to understand in even greater nuance the beauties of being outside. I deliver the mail, and that’s a good enough job in itself. It’s a hard job, extremely physical. Rigors increase with changes in weather. Seventeen miles of mail on a sunny day when the temperature is 65 degrees becomes a different beast when it’s raining, 99 or 9 or -9, cloudy, and snowy.

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