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Month: April 2016

A weekend on the Missouri

This weekend Nick and I spent Saturday and Sunday out on the river. We met with loose association of people who call themselves the Missouri River Paddlers. Many of the people–about 40 or so–have undertaken their own Missouri River journeys, many more astounding than mine. We gathered Friday night in…


Remnants of the Cold War

The flock of Canada geese on the hill raises necks like periscopes from unmown fescue. They watch, turn heads slowly, like spies, expressionless, awaiting contact.   I cast another worm into mushroom cloud sunset. My bobber twitches; Moscow is listening.

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The daguerreotype and the reception

The annual Johnson County Community College Night at the Nelson-Adkins Museum of Art brings something like 700 students to the gallery. Faculty give presentations on art and art history associated with particular pieces or collections. The lectures last fifteen to twenty minutes with questions and answers until the next round…

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