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Month: April 2020

Baptism at Paddy Creek

I dream about the spring pool sometimes. The water is so clear, the pool looks to be only a few feet deep. But in the middle, the bottom lies eight feet under the surface. Coming across it, some might think this is just a deep arm of Little Paddy Creek. But the azure water down deep at the cleft of the wall indicates where the water comes out of the ground.

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Taking control

When I let the kid behind the wheel, I don’t know whether to be frightened or proud. Driving is as much a rite of passage for the kid as for me. He’s reassuring. He has a confidence I don’t think I had when I was seventeen. He commands the wheel and knows almost intuitively how this driving thing is supposed to go.

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Leaky faucet; socially undistant

A leaky shower faucet brings out the best in father and son. I’ve often in the past brought Nick along or worked with Nick on mundane household chores. For years, he watched as I replaced washers, changed oil, and pruned grapevines. But fixing the shower was not something I’ve done for several years, and it’s an event that he’s never witnessed.

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Mourning a lost friend

I’ve spent a good part of the day thinking about a lost friend. There are those friendships that fade away to be rekindled later. Some just sort of peter out over time. I think about the friends I lost long ago due my own bad behavior, particularly when I was drinking so heavily. But that kind of loss has only occurred in my sober life a couple of times. I feel the sadness of their loss whenever life slows down for a moment.

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