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Month: April 2017

Nick, his own man

Nick interests me. I’ve never heard a father say that about their offspring. But I have an affinity for treating my children like they are their own humans, and I have since they were little kids. He acts in ways and has traits that are all his own. His mind…

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Dim student or one who has to work harder?

This kid is breaking my heart. After a decade in community college teaching, I have yet to judge a student incapable of succeeding due to intelligence. Other’s innate intelligence is not my business. Effort gives me a better idea of how a student will do in my class. In fact,…

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Advice from an alcoholic: Never lend money to an alcoholic

I have a policy: Never lend money to an alcoholic. I have dealt with literally thousands of alcoholics in almost 27 years of sobriety. Several well-meaning alcoholics borrowed money from me. They said they’d give it back. They would gladly repay next week or the week after or when they…

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