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Month: July 2011

Enough ennui to fill the house on a perfectly decent summer day

Hilary, I have about a half hour before I poop out and thought I’d finish my note from the other night. I was going to tell you a little something about what I’ve been up to this summer and, perhaps, sort through a couple of things for myself. I think…

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The letter, the opera singer, and the heartache I set myself up for

Auggie, I love getting letters. It’s something that doesn’t happen much anymore, and I miss it. I got hooked on letter writing and the mailbox when I was in Germany now 25 years ago. Being alone in another land, I really hung on the mere possibility of getting news, a…

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Plate and cultural tectonics: Rocks and rewrites

Richard, Thanks for the note. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back with you. I only check this E-mail occasionally in the summer. I’m glad you noticed about the geology. Rocks are important. I just wish I could speak of them with greater (or any) authority.…

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