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Month: March 2010

Missouri’s health care horror show

The following is a letter to Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, who joined a lawsuit filed by 13 states attorney generals against the recent health care reform legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.—Dear Lieutenant Governor Kinder, I’m disheartened and ashamed that you have taken steps…

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When it counts, UMKC ignores locals

UMKC appeals to and depends on funds from the local community. But now, as we expand our library, UMKC won’t reinvest in local citizens to do the work. The university has hired a company that employs out-of-state ironworkers while local union and nonunion ironworkers go wanting for work. I’ve been…

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My house

My house is an example of everything that’s wrong with real estate and residential construction. It cost about 150 large to build. Of that cost, at least 20 percent was site preparation. Then, there’s not one ounce of recycled material in this house. All new-sawn lumber, fresh drywall, newly mined…

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