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Month: July 2010

Letter to Desmond Tutu on the announcement of his retirement from public life

Dear Rev. Tutu, I read this morning of your plans to retire and felt it necessary to convey my gratitude, not only for your work for others, but what your work has done for me, personally. I live in the US, a world away from the challenges of life in…

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Find a rope for the pope; or, How Mother Church defiled my dad

For many years, I’ve attempted to reconcile my admiration of the devout with the way the Catholic Church worked in my childhood house. Granted, to lay it all out here would be a chore that wouldn’t be much fun reading. But I start by saying, my dad’s a saint. It…

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Immigration got you down? Wake up!

Steve Martin (7/10, Letters, Immigration reform) proposes new US immigration laws based on Mexican immigration law and 18th- and 19th- century anti-immigration sentiment recently reified by a number of right-wing and conservative demagogues. The rhetoric these alleged pundits generate distracts the working people of the United States from the kinds…

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