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Month: November 2019

Cover letter circus

I’ve been looking for a job for a long time and very seriously the last five months. In that time, I’ve sent hundreds of copies of my many resumes and cover letters, each tailored to the particular employer. Composing cover letters is an art in itself. At first, I wasn’t any good at it. But as time when forward, I got better at it.

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Beginning again

As difficult as it is to say goodbye to a near perfect time of life, I feel anxious to start anew. Over is the time I spend with my son. My time of being able to write freely and without interruption has come to an end. Now, looking back over…

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Ferment: A Memoir due out May 2020

The cover of my new book due out May 2020 from Skyhorse Publishing. A deeply moving accountofone man’s return to the German town where he first pursued a career in winemaking, and his attempt to reckon with the mental illness, alcoholism, and enduring relationships that defined the most formative chapter…

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Summer 1993 all over again

The summer of 1993, I was in real trouble. I’d just graduated from the University of Wyoming and come home to a two year old and needed work. The Master’s degree I’d earned might allow me to apply to jobs that I had never before been able to qualify for. I had high hopes and was living in a kind of dream world. But I wouldn’t know that until well into the fall.

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