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Month: December 2017

Best attitude possible, that will be good enough

Good intentions precede the making of resolutions and swearing of oaths. Several years, I set out again on one of my frequent get-in-shape missions. Starting January 2, I went to the community center and lifted weights, used the stair-stepper, and swam. Boy, did I feel great. Tired and great. Then,…

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Approaching solstice

Two things: First, great sadness accompanies the last of the year’s dying days. December 20 brings the end of a long decline at the end of which mornings and evenings show equally dark. Rays of sun will begin to straighten and grow sharper. The days start earlier and take longer…

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Tourists infest churches, a pilgrimage story

We left the Hotel du Commerce in Bar-sur-Seine and started on the road back toward Koblenz and Ivo’s house. Beyond hills of the Champagne, the landscape opened again into Kansas-like plains and rolling hills covered with wheat and corn fields to the horizon. The French villages, like those we had…

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