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Month: August 2016

The twitchy guy at the front of the room

With a new semester’s beginning comes the brain-numbing work of getting things set. Preparations include putting classes up online and going through the tedium of clicking buttons and pasting URLs. I have to read and reread syllabi to make sure that the information in them lines up with the other…

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Always looking back and wishing I could do it again

I’ve been toying with a book review article for a scholarly journal for months. At first, the review was due in April. But that deadline has been pushed back several times. Now, it’s due in less than a week. This thing has pricked my conscience since its conception. A professor…

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Part 4: The Missouri River brings me closer to myself

The book I took on the river journey was The Education of Henry Adams. It was perfect. The sixty-some author and historian looked back on his life and realized the classical education he received as a child and young man didn’t equip him for changes the American Industrial Revolution wrought.…

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