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Month: October 2018

The back window

Everyday toward 5 p.m., I sat at the back window of my spartan apartment at 823 E. 42nd Street and stared down the line of fence that separated the backyards on the adjacent streets. The scene was always dark green, the weed trees and oaks and hickories shading the yards…


bioStories publishes “Disappearance.”

bioStories is a serious, professional, and highly regarded literary magazine. They have published my creative nonfiction essay, “Disappearance,” in their current edition. “Disappearance” occurs at the intersection of hard work, social class, racial animus, misogyny, and redemption. I hope you will take a few minutes to read the essay on the bioStories website.…


Because reality is the joke

A friend of mine asked the other day how he could make jokes when reality has become the joke. He referenced the recent turn in American politics in which absurdity and nonsense has gained traction—to the point where millions of people actually believe the outlandish statements of the political candidates, who…

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