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Month: May 2018

Furious Gazelle publishes the story of my suicide and mental hospital stay

True story: One Saturday in spring 2011, I was in the basement tying a knot in a rope to hang myself. Son Nick called to me from the living room, changing everything. He literally saved my neck. Furious Gazelle, a sprightly literary magazine, has published the account of my suicide.…

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The value of space: The crowded and unhappy life of Henry Fontaine Jackson

Henry Fontaine Jackson wanted to see the world in black and white. No furniture. No Audrey Hepburn.   He dreamed of emptiness.   If that vision was Spartan, it was by design. Lack of foresight complicated everything. Even if he looked lived like a twenty-year-old dope smoker with a job…

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Ween. Today I replaced the word “weed” with the word “ween.” Who knows why I did it. It’s a sort of Zippy the Pinhead thing I’ve got going every now and then. The word appeared in my head before I even got out of bed. It kept going round and…

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