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Month: December 2015

A lonely, beautiful moment at Christmas

The holidays as seen in Hollywood movies don’t do much for me. I’m all for peace on earth, goodwill towards men (and creatures), and family. But my history with the holidays is checkered and filled with melancholy memories. And it’s in the melancholy mood that I like to be on the holidays.…

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The fat kid

I’ve been fat all my life. No matter how much I’ve weighed, I’ve always looked in the mirror and seen someone who’s overweight. A couple of months ago, I woke up and said to myself, I’ve been wanting to lose a solid twenty pounds for over a decade. I weighed…

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The Saturday hike

I struggle every day as a father. I’m never sure that my actions will have good consequences. I am becoming an old man. My energy is failing, or, I should say that it takes a whole lot more gumption to overcome inertia these days. I’m never sure if my actions…

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