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Month: January 2010

In the end, there is no you in you

Harold, Your effort, if you think about it, comes at just the right time. Racism gets hidden under all kinds of rhetoric that blames not only the subjects of oppression but those who would seek to ease the human condition even just a little bit. The alleged populist movements directed…

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red grit on Indian trails ignitedquantrill’s lust for blood, and he scalpedtwo farmers on the way to Lawrence he waved those scalps like torchesand lit up the eastern prairielike it hadn’t been since creation after the dead were lined up and shotthe cinders cooled and the smoke clearedhe hung that…

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Low-level holiday misery vs. The hydrogen bomb

Lisa, You’re E-mail today reminds me what a lucky woman you are. I know the grass over the fence gets you higher, and all that, but it’s good to hear about your family visit in their small town. I don’t know if you are around your parents, siblings, or relatives.…

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