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Month: January 2010

Quit bitching, quit buying

The next generation will be less educated than we are. At least that’s what the American Association of State Colleges and Universities says in a new report that is pretty dismal all the way around. A couple of acquaintances and I were talking about it. The first thing that came…

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Some people never get it

Jack, While I hope your new business provides you with joy, challenge, and security, I never really forget both the great beginning you gave me as a writer, and, possibly, the absolute lowest moment in my writing career. You fucked me pretty hard a couple of years back. Even if…

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red grit on Indian trails ignitedquantrill’s lust for blood, and he scalpedtwo farmers on the way to Lawrence he waved those scalps like torchesand lit up the eastern prairielike it hadn’t been since creation after the dead were lined up and shotthe cinders cooled and the smoke clearedhe hung that…

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