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Month: February 2010

The dirth of imagination in my town

We have a new spat in Kansas City regarding a one-percent tax on income earned within the city limits. Employees pay a percent out of their incomes. Employers pay a percent on the employee’s incomes. It used to be a grand idea when the city center was still the metropolitan…

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The swing

Jack, I had a great dream last night. It was all about Mary Welsch(sp?). I didn’t actually get to get too close to her in the biblical sense, which was too bad, but we did have a great conversation. I can’t tell you what that conversation was about. For all…

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The truth of free trade is that it’s fiction

Dear Jim, We didn’t agree to Kyoto precisely because of what you point out. But I will put it a different way. American corporations and investors, the very people who tell us all about the good of the free market and free enterprise, do business with a country that does…

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