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Month: April 2010

Close friend far away

Jan. 9, 2004 Dear Joey, I’ve seen about fifty people the last week that looked like you. Only fifty, I say, because the week before I saw seventy-five. Could there be that many people that look like red-bearded, red-haired Joey F. in this city? Probably not. I can’t imagine anyway.…

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The boundary

Dear Willa, Many thanks for your letter to Jonnie. We have read parts of it to him, to let him know you love him and are thinking of him, but edited some of the other content. I hope you will understand when I say that we have to put Jonathan…

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Boobs on the ground

Jim, How’s this for profane: Why don’t we just take our military apart and become, by no stretch of the imagination, the bigger, more moral country? How about we stop funding 55,000 military contractors, reduce the size of the military to a crack security force of, say, 100,000, for another…

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