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Month: March 2011

Glenn Beck’s Keds are made in China

Yep. Glenn Beck is part of an evil conspiracy to take your money, make you work harder, and leave you poorer. And not just you, but everyone all over the world who works for living just like you. Mr. Conspiracy forgot to tell you, first, that alleged American corporations don’t…

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Aus dem Klinik und in der Bratpfanne

Martin u. Ivo, Ich hab oft an euch durch der letzten Woche gedacht. Das Grund: Erstens denk ich hauefig an euch. Zweitens hatte ich die Zeit weil ich fuenf Tage in der Nervenklinik (Stressklinik) war! Jawohl! Das nervoes Krankenhaus! (Nervous Hospital–ein Witz) Irgendwie hab ich meine Perspectiv im letzten verloren.…

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Prof. Dr. William Cronon’s Scholar as Citizen: Walker’s minions try to intimidate the wrong icon

Dr. Cronon, I’m one of Dr. John Herron’s bright-eyed environmental history students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. While I finish dissertation, I am teaching at a nearby community college during the school year. I’m also a working member of Ironworkers Local Union #10 and build bridges in the summer.…

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Pinhole photography: The new obsession

Jimmy, You’re late. I’m already there. Actually, my latest obsession started with a good friend of mine, a painter in German of some repute. I’ve known him for 25 years and love his style. (See Martin Streit’s Web site. His work I refer to is under the links “bilder” and…

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