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Month: December 2015

The fat kid

I’ve been fat all my life. No matter how much I’ve weighed, I’ve always looked in the mirror and seen someone who’s overweight. A couple of months ago, I woke up and said to myself, I’ve been wanting to lose a solid twenty pounds for over a decade. I weighed…

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The basement haunts me

The basement makes me feel bad. I have done so many things there in the past. But the memory of those days of radio building, photograph developing, and a hundred other projects and activities nags me. I don’t do that much in the basement anymore. It’s a place where we…

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The Saturday hike

I struggle every day as a father. I’m never sure that my actions will have good consequences. I am becoming an old man. My energy is failing, or, I should say that it takes a whole lot more gumption to overcome inertia these days. I’m never sure if my actions…

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