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Month: February 2016

My god, I hated my job

Jobs have meaning to me. You work, you get paid. Careers don’t make any sense to me. I grew up working, I had my first job at the age of 14. I hated that job but performed the functions of a guy who carries golf bags faithfully. I graduated to…

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Five minutes a day

The lack of a real winter this year disturbs me. I keep holding out hope that the jet stream will turn our direction and deliver an arctic blast that will last a few weeks. Time is getting short. March is just around the corner. With each day’s passage, my dream…

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The girl comes home

My daughter busted in the door this afternoon and quickly flopped down my armchair. I was working there but happened to be up making a cup of coffee when she came in. She was all a chatter about her how fat her cat is and how she is trying to…

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