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Month: July 2016

When I win the lottery

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? I know I do. Just about every other time I buy a can of tobacco, I buy a couple of tickets. Stuffed into my wallet, those tickets with or without the magic numbers sit alone and lonely. Once in a while, when I…


Walking in the dark

I have a thing for walking in the dark. I can’t remember when it started. As a kid, I lived in mortal fear of darkness. I went to bed at night and was afraid to go to the bathroom. An evil presence lurked under the bed. I kept my hands…

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My anniversary

Twenty-six years ago, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror in my little one-bedroom apartment on 42nd Street. For the first time in a week, I had black rings under my eyes again. My sinuses felt stuffed. I had a thirst that no water could quench. For once I…