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Month: January 2017

Donald Trump is a maniac, and he has the hydrogen bomb!

Screw it. I was writing an essay that got away from me. It turned into only two half-essays, both of which, without extra work, are tubs of garbage. So I turn to the president-elect. A reader asked me to pen my thoughts on our new leader. I have hesitated because,…

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Winter just isn’t hard enough

My cat, Bill, sits at the sliding-glass door watching the birds play on the grape vines. He doesn’t reveal if he’s hungry for them or not. But he’s at the door, mesmerized. He’s waiting for his moment to slip through the doggy door and attack. Seeing the juncos, little birds…

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The machine gun in the bed

In bed at night, the machine guns start. At first, they focus on tanks, machines. It becomes obvious that the problem lie not in the machines but in the men operating them. The gun shots make them fall, one by one. An anti-tank rocket incinerates four men in their machine.…

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In the quiet of the motel room

A pension just down the street from the Trier train station offered respite from the winding path I had taken through Germany. An air of solidity suffused the room where the woman checked me in for the night. She and her family lived in the house, which had a living…

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