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Month: March 2017

Waking up and becoming an adult

I wish I was a forgetting and forgiving kind of person. I’m soft, loving, and open (sometimes more than is comfortable or necessary). But once crossed, I sit on that. I don’t hold grudges but I don’t forget. I try to forgive but without the ability to forget, I don’t…

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Homelessness on the Westside

Dear Ms Shields and Ms Justus, Unfortunately, I am teaching on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. and so will miss you tonight. I appreciate Barb Bailey’s effort in redefining the present and persistent issue of homelessness in our neighborhood as a mental health problem. But I hope you will indulge…

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The surprise our new son sprung on us

When we adopted my son Nick, he was four and a half years old. He came out of a supremely difficult situation. His mother, my sister, went down the meth hole. She had been using the drug (and others) for years, decades, before she got pregnant. She also drank compulsively,…


A clash of illness and intellect

The season’s been warm. A few cold snaps smacked the city. But other than a few days of really cold weather, the kind winter usually brings us, winter has hardly left a mark. Unfortunately, the warmth and sunshine didn’t prevent illness. Virginia caught a severe cold a few weeks ago.…

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