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Month: June 2017

Mistake? Hardly

Mistakes. We all make them and some of them are doozies. People have lost careers over a faulty decision–think Captain Hazelwood drunk astern on the Valdez. A mistaken choice often produces incredible fruit–Fermi’s first chain reaction. I have come to believe that there’s really no such thing as a mistake.…

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Why I write

Mrs. Gilbert made me want to be a writer. It was the second grade and I don’t remember what kind of literature we were reading. Only two things mattered to me at the time. (1) I wanted to impress Mrs. Gilbert. She was by far the youngest teacher in the…

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Walking the dogs is good for everyone

A hot afternoon. The sun bakes the pavement. Kids walk back and forth before the house as they shuttle from home to the pool and back. The dogs are quiet, laying in back yards in the shade. My own pups are taking it easy in the air conditioning. I look…

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