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Month: August 2017

Roaming Burgundy: Vezelay

We started late. The clouds hung low and threatened rain. I was tired and grumpy after a restless night. The things we’d done and seen the evening before had made me happy, but now I felt like we were on a fifteen-cities-in-fourteen-days tour. Only this time, we were on a…

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Take a break and live for a minute

News got you down? Things in the nation and city aren’t on the track that satisfies you? I was a newsman in one of my careers and here’s what I know: Taking a vacation from the news (and social media) soothes, relaxes, and widens a person’s perspective. I don’t pine…

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The magical Don Brown

Over the last 25 years, Laramie has grown around its edges. Where before, it was a three-mile drive down Grand Avenue off of I-80 before you ran into anything—a bar, restaurant, the university. About the furthest thing from town was a Walmart that I never used, though, Lord knows, I…

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