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Month: January 2018

No more time for losing friends

I used to shed friends as I did dirty socks. I drank and some said something about it. They pleaded with me. Don’t you see what you’re doing to yourself? When they did that, when they did what friends should, I avoided them, resentful and angry that they didn’t understand…

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“River City Chautaugua” focuses on Missouri River, features me as a speaker

Scott Easterday‘s River City Chautaugua Radio Show focused on the Missouri River this week. The program featured me and another river hound, Tom Bailey, along with other speakers talking about the river and its importance to history, and human and physical geographies. It’s an intriguing journey into a Kansas City…

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When the undersea world got lost

It came on network television on Sunday nights. Or, Saturdays? Friday evenings, maybe? Whenever it happened, it was a magical hour. The sun was setting outside the bay window in the living room. One of the few moments during the week when things around the house loosened up enough for…

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A look at the past promises future surprises

The boy has become more of renter in the house than a son who needs constant attention. I look back now and wonder about the passing of eleven years. What did I miss? Why can’t I remember more? Why didn’t I take more pictures? When Nick first came to us,…

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