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Month: March 2018

A kid’s tour of the West, part two

(This is the second part of a series of stories that compose a larger travel memoir. It stands on it’s own. If you’d like to read the previous installment, see it here.) Bill, a middle-aged former CEO and company owner, stood about a little over five and a half feet…

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A kid’s tour of the west, part one

My breath caught in my chest as I looked over my shoulder. It looked like Sydney was going to fall 800 feet to the bottom of Canyon de Chelly. As we walked, we couldn’t move farther from the edge. The great rock faces of the bluffs, covered with hues of…

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How I almost wrecked the car and ruined everything

Sydney just didn’t get what I wanted. That, or she wasn’t communicating with me in a way I could understand. We weren’t lost. I just didn’t know which way to go. I asked her to let me see the map. She wouldn’t. I thought that if I could get a…

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