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Month: August 2018

The Writing Disorder

Sometimes a book can change your life. Sometimes a body of an author’s work can influence your whole existence. The Writing Disorder published my essay on travel memoirist Eddy L. Harris recently. Take a look. Photo by Yann Rabanier


Nuggets gleaned from the manuscript

Sorry it’s been over a week since I last wrote to you. I’ve had a conference with a book editor about my new work,¬†Ferment: Wine, Vineyard, and Manic Depression. He’s read the manuscript and is very excited about the project. He read Canoeing the Great Plains and thinks it’s a…

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Bike wreck: broken rib, bruised ego

I had a green light at 6th and Wyandotte and blew through the intersection doing about 17 miles an hour on my bicycle. I was standing in the pedals ready for the rough bump ahead. The bridge expansion joint was deeper than I thought. The handlebars bounced out of my…

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