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The old house on State Line

Yesterday, I took Nick out to a prestigious private school out south on State Line Road. He had an event, a volunteer day, for the Lincoln Preparatory Academy Robotics Club, of which he is an enthusiastic member. I took a route from our house that would avoid the neighborhood I…

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Artist INC, greatest program for aspiring artists ever

I filled in a survey form, a follow-up for a program I participated in two years ago called Artist INC. The Mid-America Arts Alliance hosted the program, which has now moved into it’s own offices on Troost Avenue.  Artist INC was invaluable. If I had to do it again, I…

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Call me Patrick (for the moment)

As long as I can remember, I’ve puzzled over my relationship to my name. My parents, for all their faults, dreamed up good, strong, unique names for their children. My siblings are Christine Michelle, Martin Damian, Angela Maureen. I am Patrick Dismas. My middle name come from Father Charles Dismas…

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Yeah, it’s pretty good

At 16, Nick is old enough now that he’s more of a renter in the house than someone who really needs parents. When it comes to regular, every-day activities—washing, eating, doing laundry—he does it on his own. He’d developed his routines and spends much of his time after school alone…

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