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Born to cry

When I was a kid, all through to the sixth grade, I cried all the time. Helplessness and frustration drove me to tears. The condition became critical enough that my teacher, Miss Milazzo, sent me in for a serious talk with the enigmatic and scary Franciscan priest named Father Francis, who always dressed in black monk habit.

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Ferment release on July 27

Skyhorse released my new book, Ferment: A Memoir of Mental Illness, Redemption, and Winemaking in the Mosel, on Monday, July 27. Those of you who have ordered the book should receive it within the next few days, if you haven’t already. I appreciate your support. Every book you order for yourself or others really helps.

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Worth all the pain

I cut like a ship through oceans of spider webs. Taking up the lead on the trail, I set the pace on the rough trails littered with chert, sandstone, and flint. We hiked through sere creek beds, empty of streams at this time of year, and up through bottomlands lush with tall grasses. Mounting rocky hillsides, the trail ascended to long ridges where mature forest opened only occasionally to sky.

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