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How I almost wrecked the car and ruined everything

Sydney just didn’t get what I wanted. That, or she wasn’t communicating with me in a way I could understand. We weren’t lost. I just didn’t know which way to go. I asked her to let me see the map. She wouldn’t. I thought that if I could get a…

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Into France: Four tourists in a campervan

We sped out of Mulhouse without ice but with enough food to last us a few days. We again hit the French equivalent of the Autobahn until Belfort, where we entered the world we’d live in for the next five days. The French two-lane highway barely spread the width of…

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Eurocamping, a lesson in complexity

I had no idea what to expect from European camping. Years before, I’d seen campgrounds next to the Mosel near Trier and Koblenz where campers, tents, and RVs stood in tidy, crowded rows along the riverbank. It never looked very inviting to me. I was a backpacker. I’d slept out…

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