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Fuck me

There are some days I just don’t want to come home. Being scolded, chided, ripped, and criticized just are not my ideas of a good time. But with wife and kids, it’s going to happen. And though I do my best to keep out of everyone’s way, to do what…

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Skip the hip

Ah, Kansas City. Our money-intensive media feeds bad information, rank opinion, and outright falsehood into the mainstream. Lack of accountability has made the Kansas City media—alternative news print, blogosphere, or any other new media—a really rotten place to inform ourselves about anything. The link between “media” and free press in…

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Rowdy good!

Sarah Palin’s drawing Hitler moustaches on the Virgin Mary. And this, from a woman who can shoot moose from her vagina. Please allow the following capitalist to destroy you.

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