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The past is…past

Fact is, things have never been simple, and the past has never been as great as we want it to be. As a historian, I often use Raymond Williams’ The Country and the City to illustrate this point. Williams, a literary critic and historian, looked at Western literature asking the…

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The truth of free trade is that it’s fiction

Dear Jim, We didn’t agree to Kyoto precisely because of what you point out. But I will put it a different way. American corporations and investors, the very people who tell us all about the good of the free market and free enterprise, do business with a country that does…

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I Sun paints clouds blue redAgainst skies filled with diamondsLeaves skid over frost Down past the left bankRiver sloshes into nightLips smooth as mirrors Catfish in dark depthsProwl for creatures legged and finnedCloud wafts into night II Evening red riverMirror smooth, artery strongSwallows like skipped stones Trout rings glide ashoreAround…

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Comprehensive exams

Listen, I’m in this rut. It came on easily, unnoticed. I finished with finals after a long, long summer of intense reading and study. The test itself was more of a mean-spirited hazing than a test of anything I knew or didn’t know. Everyone says it’s like that, as if…

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