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I want to know even if it’s bad for me

To: rbuchanan1@unl.eduSubject: Seldom seen Rob, I shouldn’t ask because it’s not good for me. But curiosity is killing me. Can you tell me how my book, Seldom Seen, is doing so far? It’s probably too early to count returns, but I hope the sell-through is good. I’ve been busting ass…

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Feeling oppressed?

The blog. We think of it, the institution, as a means of getting new and needed voices into the public. It gives many the feeling of personal expression and usefulness. No one stands in the way of everyone with a little time, a computer, and a few thoughts rolling around…

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Setting them to sea

Academics have a strange way of alienating people around them. While held in some esteem and with an almost mythic status in the community, they tend to be one thing to the public and quite another to each other. The object, of course, is to filter out the riff-raff of…

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