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Month: December 2014

From letters to books: Your author in print

Dear Reader, As you know, many of the letters and other pieces you read here are actual letters I’ve written or would like to have written. They deal with the complex workings of the human interior. If you like what you’ve seen here, please consider reading my books. My first…

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The caterpillar and the pork chop: Animals bits and memory

Dear Alex, I’ve written to you quite a bit recently about writing, depression, and creativity. I just thought of something that might interest you in the way of memories and what they do to me. In an important memory that spans a lifetime, colors penetrate the buttery, grainy scenes. The…

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A letter to a past lover, or The long and short of 21 years

Dear Monika, I’m so glad you found me—the Internet can be such a dream sometimes. Thanks for asking about me and telling me a little of yourself. I appreciate most the handwritten letter. I miss letter writing and love the increasingly rare occasions when I get one. We haven’t seen…

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