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Month: December 2014

Sheer force of will

Dear Alex, The winter break is about halfway through and I’ve accomplished a few things. I updated one of my websites, written a few essays and poems, and had a vacation with the family. Other than that, however, I want to tell you that being a father full time isn’t…

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The problem with planning: Paroxysms of anxiety

Dear Jim, I appreciate the predicament you find yourself in. People press you into planning something far into the future; you don’t want to think that far ahead. I think I understand their need to know and to rely on things happening exactly when they want. Planning seems to calm…

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The weight of history

Dear Billy, History lays heavily on those who remember, who strive to know themselves as they know their friends and lovers, who seek nothing more from life than their own redemptions. I have read a hundred stories of towns that die in the wake of this specious notion called progress.…

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