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Month: December 2014

The value of space: The crowded and unhappy life of Henry Fontaine Jackson

Henry Fontaine Jackson wanted to see the world in black and white. No furniture. No Audrey Hepburn. He dreamed of emptiness. If that vision was Spartan, it was by design. Lack of foresight complicated everything. Even if he looked lived like a twenty-year-old dope smoker with a job at a…

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Age isn’t all that bad

Astrid, Sorry about your mom. I hope it is not serious and that she gets well soon.  As to your questions: I became a reverend in the Universal Life Church on the anniversary of the Ruby Ridge incident and the Oklahoma City bombing. I figured the ultra-right had claimed too…

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Sheer force of will

Dear Alex, The winter break is about halfway through and I’ve accomplished a few things. I updated one of my websites, written a few essays and poems, and had a vacation with the family. Other than that, however, I want to tell you that being a father full time isn’t…

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The weight of history

Dear Billy, History lays heavily on those who remember, who strive to know themselves as they know their friends and lovers, who seek nothing more from life than their own redemptions. I have read a hundred stories of towns that die in the wake of this specious notion called progress.…

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