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All kinds of things to see in Trier


Many of these sights in the city center you can enjoy in a day’s walk. Very leisurely. If it seems like a lot, look at the distances in the map legend. From the Porta Nigra to the Kaiserthermen is only about a kilometer. Some of these things you will see as you walk through the town. Others, like a trip to Olewig or to Kasel take a car or bus. But they, too, are within a couple of kilometers of what is a very busy city. Going to Saarberg, outside of Trier, is a very pretty drive but is really a day trip, as you should really take a time seeing the town and taking in a restaurant or one or more of the many wineries.

This is probably too much to absorb in one sitting. Take some time and google some of the places I suggest. If you have a few days in Trier, you can see a lot.

I went to Trier last year and was in the town for only a couple of hours between trains. I just wanted to see some of my old haunts and to remind myself of some things I knew well when I lived there. I took a walk down from the train station past most of the sights marked on the map (that are in the middle of the city). I was back to catch my train on time.

You don’t want to do things that fast. I recommend just walking through the neighborhoods, taking your time. Seeing stuff is cool. Remembering your feelings and the companionship of your wife in the midst of those things is better.


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