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All the Dude ever wanted was his newspaper back… It really tied the day together.

Ms Parrish,
An E-mail reply would be nice but not necessary. A Kansas City Star newspaper on my driveway is necessary.
I didn’t get a newspaper this morning. I wrote the circulation desk through the channels you provide in the website around 9 a.m. I still don’t have a newspaper now (11:41 a.m.).

Kansas City Star Publisher and President Mi-Ai Parrish
I’m sorry I’m a more than a little pissy but my experience with the McClatchy CompanyKansas City Star Branch Office’s alleged customer service has always been less than satisfactory. The Star’s “customer care” so deteriorated over the last several years that you and your staff seem to want to drive away subscribers like me, who only read the paper in hard copy. This strategy, if it is one, will soon be successful, at least in my case.
Kansas City Star Public Editor Derek Donovan
I have called about missing papers before. I love and trust my delivery people. I want to keep them in business and have no complaints about them. They have delivered only premier service. Someone, however, swipes my newspaper in the wee hours of the morning from time to time. Over the years, my search for replacement papers, for which I would gladly pay, has taken me through India1-877-962-STAR (7827)into Derek Donovan’s angry office, and then out over the seas again.

I live one mile-point-two east of the Star’s printing plant. It’s about a 20-minute walk, 30 if you’re sniffing roses.

Kansas City Star Printing Plant
I am not a business person, but I believe I could run a Fortune-500 corporation easier than it seems the Star can replace a newspaper that’s disappeared from my front yard.
Patrick Dobson
1717 Jarboe St.
Kansas City, MO 64108


Dude’s House (see map from here to the Kansas City Star)

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