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Ferment release on July 27

Friends and family,

Skyhorse released my new book, Ferment: A Memoir of Mental Illness, Redemption, and Winemaking in the Mosel, on Monday, July 27. Those of you who have ordered the book should receive it within the next few days, if you haven’t already. I appreciate your support. Every book you order for yourself or others really helps.

For those who haven’t yet ordered the book, I hope you will order it soon. Below is Steve Paul’s review of the book. Steve was the Arts and Books editor for the Kansas City Star for many years. Hopefully, his words will inspire you to read this fine work.

Please make a comment or leave your review on the Amazon website if you ordered or will order the book from them. If you bought or buy the book from another source, please leave a helpful comment on that venue’s review section. The more comments or reviews the book gets on these outlets’ sites increase its probability of success.

I do hope you will contact me with any questions you have about the book. I also welcome friendly E-mails, as I would love to catch up with people I have not had contact with in a while. As you know, I now work for the Postal Service. Since December, I have not had the opportunity to pursue the social life and writing activities I once enjoyed. I have been working 68- to 70-hour weeks the last couple of months.

The Post Office provides plenty of fodder for future writing projects. I am formulating a novel from the experience. I can’t wait to write it.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me and my writing career.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Here’s what Steve had to say about Ferment:

“As a hopeless drunk and manic depressive, Patrick Dobson didn’t have much chance to make it out of his twenties. But, as he understands more than three decades later, those afflictions led him to an impulsive exile in Germany’s wine country and to this, his third book. Dobson time travels as he revisits and recalls the places and the people who helped shape his life. He’s always walking—through towns and forests and vineyards. Reading his intimate and brutally frank memoir is like going along on a revelatory amble. Ultimately, it’s a story not only of survival but also of the power of family and friendship.—Steve Paul, author of Hemingway at Eighteen

Your comments will join other useful reviews of the book come from authors Eddy L. Harris, Max McCoy, Bill Bauer, Jose Faus, and William Neaves.

The book is available in hardcover and Kindle on Amazon. Of course, if you buy the hardcover, I will be more than happy to sign the book with a personal message.

Order this fine book today.

Yours very truly,


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