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Dear Eddy,

Your comment about modern conservatism is well taken. There’s real conservatism, and then there’s the reactionary-ism of Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. Will used to be a real conservative until he fell in with the Jonah Goldberg crowd. Just reactionaries out to protect wealth and power. This is just awful for the many conservatives who believe the party has left them no where to go.

Frankly, I like real conservatives. I can argue with them. They have base philosophy that has substance and is more than siege mentality. They promote good, healthy arguments over the Constitution and government in general. I can listen to their views and consider their opinions when I make my own decisions.

But these reactionaries whine so much. Their paranoia, exceptionalism, and victimhood are just that, no more. It’s all so “I didn’t get my way” and involves so much name calling. I’ve met hundreds of otherwise well-meaning people who buy this thinking because it allows them simple, unrealistic answers that are ways for the dominant classes and their supporters to manipulate these good people

The reactionary, anti-worker cant is really old, predictable, and silly. I have heard it for 48 years now. At least the Democratic Party and most liberals change their tune and have something substantial underneath the music.


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