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It’s not the drugs that get me


Can you imagine? Me in an internet professional network? I just got your LinkedIn invite. You need to read my profile if you haven’t already, just to make sure you want to be associated with me in a venue like LinkedIn.

Seriously, I hope things are well and you are not punishing yourself too much for being you.

It seems to me you do that, you know. And I can see it because I look in the mirror occasionally, and what you have is a recognizable and easily diagnosed condition.

I went to the nervous doctor yesterday and found out my recent growth of some twenty gorgeous pounds was due not just to the physical labor I’ve taken on recently (along with the 250-300 pushups I do four or five times a week) but to one of the mental drugs that keeps me from tearing down my house.

Now, on to another “medicine” that is supposed to solve this issue and keep me even. Don’t get me wrong. The doctor is good. He’s competent and on the ball. He is careful to mention that these kinds of adjustments are revelation of the medical profession’s ignorance of how the brain works. The problem is that this is a lifetime. Drugs and more drugs. Sometimes it makes me tired.

Too much of this and I’ll get fed up and do what I really should: wander the earth like (Kwai Chang) Caine. I’ve found when I’m outside and in the solitude I tend to have fewer problems with staying sane than when confined to the great indoors.

Now, away from complaining!

The book is going great. I had the goal of rewriting the rest of that in the next week or so. (It’s been drafted for some time). But I was able to hand in the last chapter to the editor at the University of Nebraska Press two days ago.

My other goal is to have two chapters of the dissertation completed and largely in finished form by the end of the summer.

It looks as if I am on track. Another seven weeks to go, and we will see.

The important thing is for me to try to stay out of the future or the past. That’s when I get all screwed up and wind up needing even more nervous drugs. Ah, but the things we have to do to have an orderly society.

Frankly, I’m up for a little chaos.

Call me and we will have a great chat. 816-896-4746.


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